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  • 100% no-risk money back guarantee*
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The Bond Lessons Course, Hotline, and Seminars are written and taught by Paul Judd. He is a full-time trader, teacher and author. He has been studying the bond market for 14+ years! Paul has developed one of the most straightforward, powerful bond trading programs ever offered to the public.

He teaches simple, yet effective strategies for maximizing profits in the $2.8 billion bond market. And Paul's ability to make consistent calls is uncanny. In the late 90's, he called the bond market correctly over 100 times in a 6-week testing period, with just seven incorrect calls. That's an accuracy rate of over 95%!! Of course he doesn't always do that well, but most of the time he has a very impressive accuracy rate. With Paul's teaching methods, there are NO complex formulas or theories for you to memorize. You simply get powerful hands-on knowledge of the bond market.

Here’s the difference between Paul Judd and the other courses available on the market:

  • I concentrate on the best, fast-moving bond market. I’m not all over the map trading all sorts of markets, which is very expensive—you make money in one market and lose it in another.

  • I focus on my Bond Strategies Spreads with a “Twist.”

  • I have taught about the bond market for the past 12 years and have successfully presented more than 40 live, all-day seminars on the subject of bonds during the past 5 years. That experience is available to help you.

  • Many of my email service hotline traders have stayed with me for several years. Why? Because I can help them make money! My ability to call the direction of the market correctly at least 80% of the time is just one reason they can do that.

You could start enjoying big profits in days…not years. Take a look at the products above. 

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* 100% NO-risk, MONEY-BACK guarantee. If I am not satisfied within the first 30 days, all I need to do is return the material for a full refund.

I followed Paul Judd's Hotline Recommendations for about a month and all four (4) of them were accurate so I signed up. Since then all five (5) of his recommendations were right on target. I traded all five (5) and in three (3) weeks my account grew from $15000 to $20800. Needless to say this far exceeded my expectations. In nineteen (19) years of trading commodities I have never seen anything that even comes close to Paul's expertise and accuracy. What impressed me even more was his last call when in the midst of a long down trend in bonds he recommended buying -- and sure enough he was right again. Paul I feel like sending you a Christmas present. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep up the great work!

Ivan, New York
Nov 8, 2005


I wanted to share my experience as a member of your "Million-Dollar" Bond Club and hotline. As a former Series 7 Broker at a major firm, it was startling to see such astounding results and have an insider's peek into market direction.

In the years I have been trading and following the T-Bond market, I can say with absolute certainty that Paul's ability to call this market is nothing short of amazing. In following his recommendations, I have noticed his accuracy approaches 90%...astonishing! As such, I feel fortunate to be part of this exclusive group and look forward to sharing in Paul's advisory service.

William, Florida
Nov. 18, 2005


I've been a customer of Paul Judd's “Million-Dollar” Bond Strategy for about one and a half months.  Out of all the trades that he has recommended, I would say around 15, he has only missed 2.  I wouldn't even say he was wrong about these trades, the market was wrong.  It took the market a day or two to figure it out, then of course it went that direction. 

I believe his course on bonds is the best in formation you could possibly obtain, period.  We are very lucky that someone like Paul Judd is willing to teach us about bonds, rather just hoarding all the money to himself.  I can't say enough thanks.

John Shull,
Oct. 29, 2005


I purchased Paul Judd's “Million-Dollar” Bond course about two and a half years ago and have subscribed to his daily Bond Hotline for the past two years. Paul has this trading this market down to an art form. I would have to say he has been dead-on calling the direction of this market 95% of the time since I have been following his recommendations.

I used to trade other markets and subscribe to five other top traders but none come close to Paul's work in the bond market. I only trade the bond market now and have made considerably more profits concentrating on just the bond market. And whenever I've had a question or concern, I pick up the phone and call Paul and talk to him, not an answer service as with a lot of traders.

Clarence Vining
 Nov. 2, 2005


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