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“Million-Dollar” Bond Hotline/Fax/Email Service

"The bond market is the ONLY market I trade!
I don't have time to be an expert in all those
other markets — the bond market takes my full attention. But I don't mind, because this is
where big money can be made."
Paul Judd

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The "Million-Dollar" Bond Hotline/Fax/Email Service is updated 5 nights a week!  Also included in this amazing service is:

ü One or two trade recommendations per week on the hotline.
ü One email or fax trade from that week's recommendations.
ü Learn if you are still bullish or bearish on a prediction that takes longer than one day
ü Plus, other valuable information about this market.


ONLY $99/month Web Special
regularly $129.00/month
SAVE $30/month!

PAUL JUDD has 14+ years of Bond Trading Experience~
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Paul Judd’s Bond Predictions
Results for January 17-February 23, 2006

Based on March Futures Contract





Jan. 17 ‘06






Jan. 18-25






Jan. 31-Feb. 3






Feb. 7






Feb. 16






Feb. 23







Frequently Asked Questions on the Bond Hotline/Email/Fax Service

Q: Do you trade the bond market?
A: Yes, the bond market is the only market I trade. Click here to see why

Q: How long have you been doing the “Million-Dollar” Bond Club?
A: 12 years

Q: Do your traders also look at other trading systems?
A: Yes, as a confirmation.

Q: How many trades do you do per week?
A: One e-mail or fax (whichever you prefer) and one Hotline trade.

Q: Why do you only send 1-2 trades?
A: Because Paul spends many, many hours analyzing the markets.

Q: Can I also receive the trades by fax?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: In addition to your trade recommendations, do some of your traders combine fundamentals and technicals?
A: Yes, they do.

Q: Can I talk with Paul Judd when I have questions?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I cancel my membership in the “Million-Dollar” Bond Hotline/Email/Fax Service if I don’t want to continue?
A: Yes, you can. Simply email/fax or phone 800-866-6443 to make your request, and your membership will be discontinued with no questions asked.


Hello Paul,
I subscribed to your hotline in June,2006, and started trading your recommendations in mid-July. So far in a period of seven and a half weeks I have had sixteen winning trades and no losers with profits exceeding $7000 using small trades. I have traded futures and options for approximately eight years with mixed results and never have had such a consistent string of winners. I know of course there will be losers but I look forward each evening to your outstanding T-bond comments for the next day. Thanks for making available your knowledge of the bond market through the hotline.

Bill (from Virginia)


Don't take our word for it - Read what our customers have to say!

Hi Paul, On Wednesday night, July 13, 2005, you sent an email to the Bond Email Service members, describing the fundamental reasons why bonds would drop on Thursday, July 14.

 I heeded your advice. On Thursday my account balance grew from $235,453.38 to $425,712.05. After paying roughly $5.00 round turn commissions, I netted $190,258.67.

Not bad for a day’s work, huh? 

Before I met you and enrolled in your course, before I committed a few extra dollars to attend your Seminar, and before I signed up for your Daily Bond Hotline, I just simply did not have a clue to the fundamental reasons the bond market would rise or fall.

I was trading strictly on a technical basis. But now that I have learned to combine my technical tools with the fundamental reasons why the market will rise or drop, I trade with much more confidence and wisdom.

In the meantime, let me encourage your potential and current subscribers to GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

I have enclosed the third page of my July 14, 2005 Daily Statement for your readers. [click here] I hope my testimonial gets you more clients, because no one deserves more credit than you. You deserve the best in life, because your work ethic is unsurpassed!

Thank you, Paul Judd, for sharing your wisdom with those of us who choose to heed it!

Sincerely, Charles, California

P.S.   Every technical and fundamental bond trader should do exactly as I did, because it works! Focus on one market.

1)   Order the Bond Strategy course even if you think you know it all. I found a lot of “gold nuggets” in Paul Judd’s course, plus it is easy to understand.

2)   Join the Bond Email Service Hotline. Paul Judd’s predictions that he gives on the hotline are, in my opinion, 85% correct. That’s where I made all my money.

3)   Attend one of the few Seminars that Paul Judd offers each year. It’s only a matter of time before a large trading firm will want Paul’s expertise as their bond analyst/consultant, and then the above opportunity won’t be available any longer!


I followed Paul Judd's Hotline Recommendations for about a month and all four (4) of them were accurate so I signed up. Since then all five (5) of his recommendations were right on target. I traded all five (5) and in three (3) weeks my account grew from $15000 to $20800. Needless to say this far exceeded my expectations. In nineteen (19) years of trading commodities I have never seen anything that even comes close to Paul's expertise and accuracy. What impressed me even more was his last call when in the midst of a long down trend in bonds he recommended buying -- and sure enough he was right again. Paul I feel like sending you a Christmas present. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep up the great work!

Ivan, New York
Nov 8, 2005


I wanted to share my experience as a member of your "Million-Dollar" Bond Club and hotline. As a former Series 7 Broker at a major firm, it was startling to see such astounding results and have an insider's peek into market direction.

In the years I have been trading and following the T-Bond market, I can say with absolute certainty that Paul's ability to call this market is nothing short of amazing. In following his recommendations, I have noticed his accuracy approaches 90%...astonishing! As such, I feel fortunate to be part of this exclusive group and look forward to sharing in Paul's advisory service.

William, Florida
Nov. 18, 2005


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